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Brand experienced a substantial
jump in its revenue, traffic and
repeat purchase month on month.

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Sales in just 3 Months


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Increase in Organic Traffic Through SEO in 5 Months


ROAS on Amazone Page

Pure and Sure Brand Challenge:

Sell Online across all platforms including the D2C Store

Looking to sell in a highly cluttered market is tough. To succeed, the Pure and Sure store would need to hook new buyers with a modern feature set, while still feeling like the same, dependable brand that their existing customers know and trust.

Specifically, the brand needed to reach: The everyday Indians organic grocery shopper who wants to feel good about the products he chooses to use each day. Adding to the challenge, it was obvious that Pure and Sure was dipping their toes into an already-crowded

grocery market. Ever since Natures Basket, Organic World changed the industry with their complete/ wide range of in-house organic grocery offerings, the organic grocery world has gone through a massive transformation. Foodworld, Nature’s Basket, and even brands like Big Basket that have never sold Organic before, are now embracing the modern eCommerce consumer with online stores of a complete in-house organic groceries range.

Pure and Sure Brand Approach: Sell Online across all platforms including the D2C Store

Creating a new D2C store that targets multiple audiences, carries over existing brand equity, and steals market share from established eCommerce brands? Not a problem. As always, we started out by first getting a deep understanding of Pure and Sure, their customers, and the overall D2C organic grocery market. Speaking with women, men, organic food enthusiasts, we were able to narrow down the differences/pain points between Pure and Sure various consumer cohorts and the reason they would buy Pure and Sure. Along with our exhaustive market research & competitor analysis, we soon had enough raw information to begin identifying opportunities to differentiate Pure and Sure site from the rest of the industry.

Pure and Sure Brand Solutions:

Sell Online across all platforms including the D2C Store

We came back with the following solution: Building Clean Food Movement at a Social level, Instagram first approach considering the TG was a very Instagram first. Building awareness around ”Clean Food”

An upsell feature, “Weekend Buys” to help customers get everything they need in one purchase, while simultaneously helping Pure and Sure increase their average order value (AVO). Options to shop by “category”, “Morning Breakfast”, and the more customer-centric, “food preference type”. This would allow customers to quickly find

products that match their unique grocery buying preferences. Giving deals and discounts on the same

Adding a recurring subscription Discount to help turn First Purchasers into Repeat Customers.

Building Amazon Brand Page, listing Products and running campaigns for a very high ROAS Being a MM build, the D2C store would also include the latest in modern on-page SEO tactics, UX/UI best practices, and an emphasis on solid, dependable functionality.